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Extension Springs

We design and manufacture traction springs with wire diameter from 0.20 mm to 20 mm.
According to the design, specification or sample of the customer, we are able to make springs with English loop, German loop, screwed loop, elongated or shaped.

For each application, we can design with the customer the ideal geometry of the spring, ensuring the highest quality of our products through the selection of the most suitable material to satisfy the load and environmental conditions required.
The products are manufactured according to customer's sample or drawing, in small batches or in large series.


The springs are usually provided raw. If necessary, we can provide the following protective treatments: Polishing, zinc plating, Dacromet ®, Geomet ®, nickel plating, painting.

  • molla trazione occhielli
  • molla trazione occhielli sagomati
  • molla trazione occhi inglesi
  • molla trazione occhielli girevoli
  • molla trazione occhielli inglesi
  • molla trazione sagomata
  • molla trazione occhielli sagomati
  • molla trazione occhi girevoli
  • molla trazione ganci stampati