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Torsion Springs

We design and manufacture torsion springs with wire diameter from 0.20 mm to 20 mm. The springs, simple twist or double twist, are characterized by the terminal stems on which can be made specific folds to fit the various needs of  work.

They find application in various sectors, such as agriculture, electronics and electrical engineering, furniture, locks and handles, automotive, medical, valves, fittings and many others.

All production batches are made with advanced machinery equipped with surveillance systems that allow dimensional inspection on 100% of the produced parts.

For every specific need our technical office, in cooperation with the customer, is able to achieve the dimensioning of the spring, with the opportunity then to realize some prototypes.


The torsion springs are usually provided raw. If necessary, we can provide the following protective treatments: Polishing, zinc plating, Dacromet ®, Geomet ®, nickel plating, painting.

  • molla torsione acciaio carbonio
  • molla torsione destra
  • molla torsione doppia acciaio inox
  • molla torsione doppia acciaio inox
  • molla torsione doppia
  • molla torsione inox
  • molla torsione sagomata
  • molla torsione sagomata
  • molla torsione
  • molla torsione verniciata