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Compression Springs

Our compression springs are used in many applications; they can be constructed in cylindrical, conical, biconal helix, with constant or variable pitch and cover the widest range of technical standards.

We custom made each type of compression spring with wire diameter from 0.20 mm to 20 mm. The materials most commonly used are: carbon steel, alloy steel and chrome silicon steel, stainless steel, phosphor bronze and brass.

The attention paid for issues of quality and customer satisfaction has its starting point in the procurement of raw materials. We employ not only specific materials according to UNI EN 10270-1, EN 10270-2 and EN 10270-3, as well as special materials with special mechanical properties for high performance.

As a finishing options for compression springs, we offer end grinding, sand blasting, tumbling and polishing.


The springs are usually provided raw; if necessary, we can provide the following protective treatments: Polishing, zinc plating, Dacromet ®, Geomet ®, nickel plating, chrome plating, silvering, painting.

  • molla-compressione  non molata inox
  • molla-compressione 1
  • molla-compressione conica
  • molla-compressione molata acciaio carbonio
  • molla-compressione molata acciaio inox
  • molla-compressione molata verniciata
  • molla-compressione molata zincata
  • molla-compressione non molata
  • molla-compressione pallinata
  • molla-compressione verniciata
  • molla tenute meccaniche
  • molla valvole raccorderie
  • molla-compressione  non molata inox
  • molla-compressione conica zincatura
  • molla-compressione non molata verniciata
  • spirale tenuta meccanica